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Sustainability: Discussion

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Sustainability: Discussion



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Now is the time to see how other's dealt with the challenges, what they learned, which problems they faced... and of course to share your thoughts and ideas with others.

To do so, we created a Jamboard. Check it out, exchange and discuss with others and add your thoughts:

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The owner of this badge challenged himself/ herself by changing to a more sustainable behaviour. He/ She shared his/ her ideas and thoughts with others to exchange ideas, problems and solutions.
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Visit the jamboard. Add at least 2 comments or thoughts ( by adding notes) to the jamboard and take a screenshot to upload it here.
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What do you think about the challenge ideas from the others? Do they inspire you?

Do you have anything to share with us about the topic of sustainability? Do you have ideas for a brider suistainable future?


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Sustainability: Challenge yourself for our future!
Sachsen-Anhalt Region of Learning
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