Sustainability: Challenge yourself!

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Sustainability: Challenge yourself!



This is your first challenge! One week, one small challenge for each day. Are you ready?

Check the graphic below and go for "a week for future". Try to complete everydays task for one whole future. Surely you can mix the days, if it fits better to your agenda. And yes, there are only 6 points and a week has 7 days. However we want that you take the challenge serious and as this might be challenging anyway, one days remains a joker. But hey, if you run for all 7 days, even better. Just create something yourself for our future.

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The owner of this badge took part in the first sustainibility challenge. He/ she tried out one small challenge every day for one week and evaluated about the personal outcome.
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Task no.1
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Download the picture of the challenge, edit the challenges you tried out (e.g by painting a cross on the picture with your phone) and upload the picture here! (Alternatively you can also write by text input, which days you completed)
Task no.2
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
How did the challenge go? Did you try out something new? Which challenges were easy, which were difficult? What was the most challenging element in the last week? (Share few thoughts by text input)
Meio ambiente e ecologia
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Sachsen-Anhalt Region of Learning

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Sustainability: Challenge yourself for our future!
Sachsen-Anhalt Region of Learning
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