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Sustainability: Challenge yourself and others!


Sustainability: Challenge yourself and others!



In the first challenge, you got some ideas of sustainable things you can do in your life. Choose one of these or think about another one, which you would like to integrate in your daily routine.

We know, it can be hard to start a new habit and takes lots of efforts to go for it. It all usually starts with understanding better how and why you do the things you do and how your environment influences you. As we would like to support you in this process, we invite you to check the Circle of Influence. It can help you to be clearer about your choice to be proactive. (See worksheet in material)

And now its the question, can you convince others to do the same challenge? Find a friend to do the challenge together and exchange thoughts and ideas about it.


  • Circle of influence

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The owner of this badge chose one sustainible challenge to implement it in their daily life. He/ she used the circle of ifluence to become more proactive and exchanged ideas about the new routine with a friend.
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Which challenge did you choose to implement in your daily life? Why did you choose it?
(Upload your filled circle of influence worksheet here and share few points for reflection by text input)
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Did you do the challenge with someone else? Could you motivate each other? Were sthere obstacles while motivating others (If yes, which ones)? Was it helpful to do the challenge with somebody?
(Add few thoughts for reflection by text input)


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Sustainability: Challenge yourself for our future!
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