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Preparation for the challenge


Preparation for the challenge



This is the first activity in our playlist! After you chose a topic for the whole playlist, this could be an introduction with first information about this theme. Where do you inform yourself about it? Can you find some short videos? Is there a good website? Are there people on instagram informing about the topic?

You can choose which information are improtant and collect them in this activity. Write a text in your own words and use other materials to offer the chance to get more information.

Future makers: are you ready?

Based on the expert insights and interviews with young people, the Institute for the Future has created a profile of lead learners - a set of qualities, skills, strategies and resources that characterise young people who are the first to explore new paths to learning, careers and civic engagement.

Lead learners:
are able to imagine authentic personal futures;
use unique ways to shape their learning, civic and career paths;
strive to achieve their goals.

Lead learners have many common behaviour patterns that unite them regardless of geographical location. These models can inspire us to imagine the future of learning, work and civic engagement.

What about you? Do you have the traits that are necessary for future learning, civic engagement, and careers?

Evaluate your characteristics and behaviours individually, or together with the team, to see how much they coincide with or differ from the profiles of future makers.

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The first badge Get this badge

Now it's time to recieve the first badge! In this description of the badge, you can write what the user did and learned in the first activity. See the expample below:

This badge is issued to people who have self-assessed and thought through their preparation for the future.

Based on expert insights and interviews with young people, the Institute for the Future has created a learners’ profile. These are people who possess a set of qualities, skills, strategies and resources to imagine personal futures, use unique ways to shape their learning, civic and career pathways, and lead to predictable personal futures.

Holders of this badge have self-assessed and reflected on their lead learner traits and capacity to make their future learning, careers and civic pathways.
Task no.1
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Are you wonderung what the person learned during the first activity? Ask about it! You could ask which information were new for the person, which metarial they liked most, if they have something to add, if they have open questions, ... You can decide what you would like to know but this is mainly for the user to reflect on the topic and their own ideas!

The answer can be a text but also a picture, an upload from a wordcloud or other creative ideas!


Use the self-assessment worksheet to think about your traits and behaviours as a lead learner. Upload an image, print screen or file of the completed self-assessment. Share your thoughts on the following questions:
Which traits of a lead learner are most important to you in shaping your future? Why?
Which qualities do you want to improve? Why?
Where in your city and how can you develop qualities and skills that are important for your future learning, career and civic paths? What opportunities are missing?


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Time to complete: 30 minutes


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